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PolyCRM: Get your sales organized and drive more deals

Keep your customer data and all related tasks in one place and easily attach them to deals. Drive your sales process more efficiently and have a better overview of all the work that goes into your sales.

Your sales deals – in one easy overview

PolyCRM is a natural fit for sales teams that work in Jira. It gives teams one single place to store contacts, companies and deals. Your team already tracks their work in Jira and PolyCRM seamlessly fits into Jira.

Polymetis Apps PolyCRM screen

The app’s findings are only available to admins and can be seen in a table. Admins can remove findings or click a link to be taken directly to the issue in question.

Manage your Deals in Jira

In the end, it matters that you close the deal. PolyCRM allows you to track all the work that goes into that using Jira issues– because we understand that's where your team is already working. Simply assign a deal to an issue to keep track of things.

Track customer interactions

When interacting with a customer, you want to know what you spoke about before. With PolyCRM's Notes feature you keep a log of all customer interactions so that your team is always up-to-date.

See your whole sales pipeline at a glance

Having a good overview does wonders for your strategy. That's why display all your deals on the Deal Board. Click a Deal to open its details or drag and drop Deals to update their status.

Try PolyCRM and let it help you close more deals

Get it now in the Marketplace – it is free for small teams up to ten users.

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