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Magic Labels: Label Confluence pages perfectly

Magic Labels takes the labeling of Confluence pages to a whole new level. If you have been working with labels in Confluence so far, you will have wished for many functions of our app for a long time. And if you haven’t worked with labels in Confluence before, or not very often, now it’s the perfect time to start using them – along with the magic of our app.

Label your pages – organize your content

Everyone who uses Confluence knows: In Confluence pages can be tagged with labels. This allows you to structure pages and view topics with a specific label at a glance. Unfortunately, not everyone uses labels consistently, it happens too quickly that someone forgets to include a specific label, or that a label gets misspelled. Someone would then later need to fix things, which does become quite cumbersome. We just wanted an easier way to put labels on pages – and that’s why we developed Magic Labels to fix all these things. The app adds three kinds of new features to Confluence Cloud and thus helps you to label Confluence pages perfectly:

Bulk Actions

Magic Labels allows a user to perform bulk actions on a space and sub-tree level, i. e. adding, removing and renaming labels either within a space or on a page and its children.


Use rules to automatically add or remove labels to/from pages, for example blacklisting some terms that should not be used as labels or having newly created pages inherit the labels of their parent page.


Magic Labels also allows users to simply highlight text on a page and immediately turn it into a label with just one click.

Use case: Magic Labels in action

The following use case will show up the functions and of course the magic of our app Magic Labels.

Create Labels from a term

Normally, labels have to be created manually and added individually. Our app now allows you to create a label directly from the context: You only have to select a word and click on it to create a label directly from the word.

Polymetis Apps Magic Labels labels from a term

Labels on all levels

Those of us who use Confluence, naturally create subpages to better structure certain topics. This results in several subpages that all contain different, specific content, but can be assigned to the same overall topic. With the Bulk Actions function of Magic Labels, all pages belonging to the top page can be uniformly labeled quickly and easily. Likewise, labels can be renamed as needed, and the app ensures that the labels on the associated pages are also adjusted accordingly.

Polymetis Apps Magic Labels labels on all levels

The real magic of our app

With Magic Labels, the user has a complete overview of all Confluence Spaces and Pages to manage all labels used. Before, every single page had to be edited manually. But that is not really Magic yet. But there is a situation that is quite normal in Confluence: An overview page has a lot of subpages. To ensure that these subpages are all given the appropriate label, you have to at least think about it – or, magically, not. Because by automation the app takes over the smart assignment of labels on all subpages. For us: that’s magic.

Polymetis Apps Magic Labels labels overview

Ready to get enchanted?

Labels are such an underused feature of Confluence so anything that makes labeling pages easy is something magical. So prepare yourself for some magic and get our app now in the Marketplace. And the best is yet to come: the app is free up to ten users!

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