Polymetis Apps Project Labels for Jira

Project Labels: Manage labels in style

Project Labels brings label management features to Jira Cloud

The ultimate app to manage labels in Jira Cloud

Ever been bogged down by a misspelled label? Wondered why your filters only find half of your issues? Your team cannot decide between source-code and sourcecode? Not to worry! With Project Labels, it's finally possible to manage labels the right way! Whether you want to simply guide the use of Jira labels by managing them per project or if you want to lock things down by pre-defining labels on a per project basis.

Polymetis Apps Project Labels screen

Manage Jira labels

See all labels used in your project in one place. Rename misspelled labels or delete labels that you do not need anymore. Including merging and bulk editing. Following label management best practices never was this easy!

Autocorrect labels

Typos happen. Misspellings happen. And with Project Labels' autocorrect feature, neither will worry you ever again! Simply add the correct spelling with typical typos in your project settings and Project Labels will make sure that all labels in your project are spelled correctly from now on.

Pre-define labels per project

With this label manager you can pre-define the allowed labels for each project individually – just like a Jira component. Project Labels lets you add up to five different aliases so you get to use more components.

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