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PII Protection for Jira: Optimize Data Security and Privacy in Jira

A lot of valid user input can still be sensitive and should not be stored in your Jira instance. Whether it’s the carelessly uploaded password to a production system in a bug report or a customer asking for support and sending along their credit card: Sensitive data can get into Jira a lot quicker than admins want it to or can prevent. Our App PII Protection for Jira can!

Check sensitive Data in Jira – automatically

PII Protection for Jira helps you to optimize data security and privacy in Jira. It checks every change to string fields (like summary and description) and comments in Jira for sensitive data and alerts admins to any findings. What it checks for is customizable and it currently supports more than a dozen checks, helping admins to find credit card numbers, password or banking information with many more checks coming soon.

Polymetis Apps PII protection PII Settings screen with multiple checks

The app’s findings are only available to admins and can be seen in a table. Admins can remove findings or click a link to be taken directly to the issue in question.

Clear management of Jira tickets

PII Protection for Jira easily integrates into the Jira menu and offers a transparent list with all findings of sensitive data. Corresponding tickets can be opened directly from there and edited or resolved.

Increased IT

Sensitive data offers a high attack potential for hackers. That is why there are security teams that control the administration for corresponding data. Now, with automation from PII Protection, this is even easier.

Improve Data Privacy

Data privacy has become an important aspect for companies. With PII Protection for Jira, data loss prevention is the keyword, because our app significantly supports protection against the unwanted outflow of data.

How we built PII Protection for Jira: Atlassian Forge Technology

Before we started developing, we had been looking for a long time for an app that manages the control of sensitive data in Jira. Finally we had to build it ourselves. Thanks to Forge, we could finally do so in a secure manner! As stated before, we wanted to make sure that we touch sensitive data as little as possible. The new Technology of Atlassian made this possible. Whenever an issue or comment is created or updated, a Forge function is triggered. PII Protection for Jira then checks whether the change introduces sensitive data into the instance. In case it find’s anything, our app notes the time, date, type of finding as well as the issue in question and add it to the findings list.

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Atlassian Forge: Keep your information

Before we had Forge, an app like this simply wasn’t possible. Sure, you can subscribe to events with Connect and perform the same checks we do in an Atlassian Connect app. But that app would be external to your Jira instance, which basically means that, in order to find out whether some data is sensitive and should not even be in Jira, you would have to export it to a 3rd party first. Forge lets us avoid this problem by keeping everything running within Altassian systems.

Make your Jira more secure now

As an admin (or SecOps or Privacy Advocate or Compliance Manager), you simply cannot read every comment, every incoming Service Request. But our app can! Get it now in the Marketplace – it is free for small teams up to ten users.

Install PII Protection for Jira

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