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PolySearch: Enhance Your Jira Search Today

PolySearch adds new JQL keywords to Jira to help you find the issue you are looking for

Supercharged JQL Search

Searching for specific issues in Jira can pose a significant challenge, especially as organizations grow and accumulate more projects and issues. With this expansion, it's easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of the important details amidst the sheer volume of issues. While Jira offers standard search and filter functions, they may only provide limited assistance in navigating this complexity and not adequately address the challenges posed by large-scale organizations and extensive project portfolios. But our app PolySearch can!

PolySearch is your gateway to unlock sentiment insights and multilingual search capabilities within Jira. The app expands the search capabilities of Jira by providing additional keywords in the Jira Query Language (JQL). Our additional keywords are available everywhere you can use JQL and can be implemented almost instantly. In addition to basic calculations like comment or attachment count, the app also allows for consideration of language and sentiment analysis for English-speaking issues.

Polymetis Apps Project Labels screen

Additional JQL-keywords

With PolySearch, we introduce a host of new keywords to JQL that allow you to find issues by number of attachments, comments, subtasks or even language and sentiment.

AI-powered Insights

Gain valuable sentiment analysis within English issues – identify positive  and negative feedback, allowing you to prioritize customer satisfaction and drive improvements.

Privacy & Data Residency

Stay secure with PolySearch as it runs completely on Atlassian Forge without any data egress or sharing of your sensitive information to us – all while complying effortlessly with data residency regulations out-of the box.

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