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PII Protection for Confluence: Automatic checks for PII

The need to protect data is one of the most critical issues organizations are facing today. Leveraging modern technology is essential in ensuring that all data is protected. PII Protection for Confluence adds data loss prevention features to your Confluence Cloud instance, allowing you to find PII, sensitive data such as passwords, API keys, and other credentials as well as classifying pages with customizable classification levels.

Scan your Confluence spaces for various kinds of sensitive data and PII

Data loss prevention is an important and necessary step for any organization. In a time where data breaches are on the rise and may cause immense financial, reputational, and legal damage, it is essential that organizations take measures to protect sensitive data. With PII Protection for Confluence, they can do just that.

The app adds data loss prevention features to your Confluence Cloud instance and offers powerful detection of personal identifiable information (PII), passwords, API keys, and other credentials. With more than a dozen checks already supported, PII Protection for Confluence automatically searches for sensitive data.

To do this, PII Protection for Confluence just needs to know what to look for. And it’s pretty easy to just tell the app: simply create check groups and assign them to a space – and off you go.
Check groups help organize multiple checks associated with the same class. For instance, you might want to look out for credentials through a custom check group that can contain checks such as passwords, credentials, and API keys. And the best is yet to come: checks are customizable by space.

Polymetis Apps PII Protection for Confluence edit check group

Everything that is found with the checks is listed on a findings page, indicating the type, place, page title, and date. There, admins can open the page in question directly and take appropriate action. Also, every time a page is updated or a new one is created, the app will scan the page for any of the configured data types.

This way you can identify, monitor, and protect against any data leaks.

Advantages of PII Protection for Confluence

Advantages and features of PII Protection for Confluence at a glance:

Classify Pages

In addition to finding and listing sensitive data, PII Protection for Confluence allows users to add a classification to a page that is shown directly in its byline and reflects how sensitive the information on the page is. You can use these classifications to mark pages as Top Secret, Secret, and Public.

Customizable Classification Levels

One of the great features of PII Protection is that it comes with customizable classification levels, allowing you to tailor them to your organization’s specific needs.

Automated actions

PII Protection supports automated actions that can be performed as soon as any sensitive data is found, e.g. notifying the right people or deleting the page in question directly. This means, as an admin, you no longer have to check the list of findings manually. All you need to do is set up the actions you want and PII Protection for Confluence will take care of the rest.

Built on Forge

By taking advantage of the Atlassian Forge platform, PII Protection for Confluence provides assurance that customer data remains within the confines of their Confluence instance. There are no concerns about data leaving the Atlassian infrastructure.

Polymetis Apps PII Protection for Confluence classification levels

Protect what’s important to you

By using PII Protection for Confluence, organizations of all sizes can add an extra layer of protection to their data and feel rest assured that PII and other sensitive information are kept safe and secure.

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