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Dogecoin for Jira Service Management: Say thank you in the most memeable way

With Dogecoin for Jira Service Management, awesome agents, that are working on all these tickets in JSM, finally get the tip they deserve. Tipping with Dogecoin is a reddit-honored tradition and it’s about time we bring it to Jira Service Management. That’s why we built this app. It allows JSM customers to directly appreciate the agents that help them with their (sometimes headache causing) requests. So don’t waste time receiving love in the most memeable way and download Dogecoin for Jira Service Management in the Marketplace now.

Polymetis Apps Dogecoin tip

Much wow – many thanks – very love

What exactly do we want to achieve with Dogecoin for Jira Service Management? A huge portion of appreciation, much more love and, above all, a lot of fun. Do good and be nice to others, make the world a more wholesome place and say thank you to those around you. With our app, collecting and spreading karma points is a no brainer.

Easy to add and use

Setting up this app is amazingly easy, literally just copy and paste your Dogecoin wallet and off you go. Once your Dogecoin wallet is added to Jira Service Management, the QR code of your wallet appears next to your requests and all the customers have to do is to scan this QR code with their mobile and send some Doge.You are a JSM customer and there are no QR codes displayed of the agents’ wallets you want to tip? Then go and tell your service heroes about this app, so they receive the love they deserve and will keep up their great performance or may become even better due to your little show of gratitude.

Appreciation and love for free

Showing and receiving gratitude should be made as easy as possible. That’s why Dogecoin for Jira Service Management is free.What are you waiting for? Don’t waste time being appreciated in the most memeable way and download Dogecoin for Jira Service Management now.And to all the JSM customers out there: show some wow and put a smile on your service hero’s face. 🥳 🙌

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